Skits and Dramas

Hi everyone!

For about the last week or so the group has prepared some great skits and dramas to show, whether it be at a church service or in the middle of a market. One we have worked on and done quite a bit is the Lifehouse Everything Skit. This is a skit that uses a song. There is no talking involved which is great to connect directly with the people here, no language barrier. It starts off with a girl and Jesus. He breathes life into the girl, creating her in His image, and he goes on to show her all His creation. She dances with Jesus, but then another boy comes into her world, pulling her away from Jesus. This boy then leaves her, and she is consumed with greed, chasing after money. Then it is her looks. Girls walk on, showing her she is not pretty the way she is, and she has to change. Then she gets caught up in addictions. And eventually she looks to suicide. The devil puts a gun to her head, and she tries to fight it, but eventually she believes it herself as well. Right when she is about to shoot, she throws it down and tries to fight her way through all of these awful things. In the skit, she is reaching for Jesus who is pulling her to him in the midst of all these temptations. She is pushed and shoved and then Jesus takes on the pain for her. She is in the front, taking in the love of Jesus. All the people who are temptations are thrown to the ground and Jesus brings the girls to her feet, brushes her off and they hug. When we finished the skit, it was explained. It is very powerful, and I think the team did a great job with it. When we did this and other skits in the market, people would crowd around to see it. It grabbed peoples attention in the markets and in church. You could see from their faces that something was going on inside of them. God really used this to show the great power of His love.

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