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Hey everyone. We are having a blast here in Peru! Training camp was awesome, but very hot. We are all getting along really well. Everyone has opened up and told stories or things they were dealing with. We have been doing a lot of market ministry. We also did one vacation bible school with kids so far. It was a lot of fun. We are all taking lots of pictures. I think everyone here misses home a little bit but does not regret coming at all. We have some great stories about the people we have encountered and the miracles that have happened in and outside our group. Time is flying by. It doesn’t feel like we have been gone eleven days already! I am so glad God brought me here and put me in the group. We have become a family. It is awesome to see God at work in all our lives. For all the parents out there, do not worry. God is with us and God is mightier than anything else. God Bless.

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