Today, our team of Ambassadors, got to enjoy our free day in the city of Lima after a crazy first week of ministry. Sunshine and the sound of waves, and a whole lot of laughter and fun.




Top left: Just some girls down the street from where we are staying in Via El Salvador.

Top right: Just after our 3 hour dance and worship party at Iglesia de Shalom. Yes, you read right, your “kiddos” danced for 3 hours! They were a “little” sweaty. Lucky us, the power went out just after we got home, so showers did not happen until this morning.

Middle: Our panoramic view of the Pacific ocean from the mall we visited on our off day.

Bottom left: A view of the street we are living on during our time in Peru.

Bottom Right: We have done 4 days of market evangelism and this was one happy little one to come upon in the middle of our time there. 


I have more pictures on my actual camera, so more will follow, if internet allows. This week begins us entering the schools and attending the church’s small groups. We will be sharing our testimonies and performing bible skits. The Ambassadors did a fabulous job performing Daniel in the Lion’s Den.


Please continue to pray for health, strength, and protection as we continue to bring love to the people of Via  El Salvador this week. Blessings to you all.