She Smiled

Today we did market ministry. As I was walking down the streets of Manzini, I saw a blind woman alone begging on the sidewalk. My heart started beating fast and I knew I couldn’t just walk past her without doing anything, so I told my teammates there was a blind woman we should go visit, so our group stopped and I walked up to her. She didn’t know much English. She told us she knew Jesus and she said she had accepted the fact she was blind and told us not to pray for her blindness, but rather for her to get off the streets and get a job. So I grabbed her hand and such a beautiful smile swept across her face. We prayed for her and she smiled the entire time. I asked her if she wanted a hug when we were about to leave and she said yes and Stacy said she had the most priceless smile. The woman kept smiling as we walked away. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to bless someone who doesn’t get much love.
-Michaela Cimato

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