Ethiopia in the eyes of some of our girls

Wow, how crazy is it that I am in Ethiopia. The fact that I am here absolutely blows me away. It is amazing how Jesus dropped a dream into my heart in 6th grade and that he is so unbelievably faithful in making it happen. I have an absolutely amazing team with a really great group of leaders. I am absolutely thrilled to be with these people. They all have such a heart for Jesus and are helping me to grow each day we are here.

One thing that I was not expecting for ministry on this trip was to mainly build relationships with people… at least with the Abisha (Ethiopian people). I think Jesus is really trying to show me there are more ways to minister than just doing huge crusades, skits, and then an altar call to pray for people when we will most likely not ever see them again. While those are great and totally what I had walked into the trip expecting, but I am so grateful I was wrong. I have had the privilege to get to know some of these girls on a deeper level than I have gotten to know anyone else I have ministered to and these girls are teaching me so much  too. These girls have truly been an inspiration. What a heart they have for Jesus. It is amazing how little the people of Ethiopia have yet they are more joyful than most American people. Today my friend Hime’ told me “you are white forengy and I am Abisha, yet we are still friends.” What a beautiful concept. These people might just be the best humans I have ever met. I love Ethiopia no questions asked.

— Hannah 



What I Am Thankful For: 

  • This beautiful country 
  • Ethiopians 
  • The friends I’ve made 
  • Spending time with Jesus in ways I haven’t ever before 
  • Friends and family who helped me get here 



Plus a lot more but there are too many to list. 


Thanks for all the prayers. 

-Abby Stone 


It was our third day in Ethiopia. We were painting a classroom. But since there were only four paintbrushes and fifteen or more people, many of us were sitting outside until we changed shifts. I was one that was waiting outside. We looked out and this beautiful little girl was standing out there. We motioned for her to come over. She shied away so I thought that that was the end of that. But, eventually she slowly started making her way over to us. My teammate, Skyler, took her little notebook out and drew a picture for her. With excited eyes she sat down with us and I handed her my journal to draw. She didn’t want to stop! But her Mom soon came to take her home, at least thats what I thought. Soon after, we were inside, and little Tizita’s head popped through the door! Eventually, she warmed up to us. Then the two of us skipped outside and made a game in the dirt. We jumped around, colored, danced, laughed and so much more. Every time I’ve seen Tizita since, I wave and see her face beam. She slides over and slips her hand into mine. This beautiful little seven year old with pure and innocent eyes and the most contagious smile taught me the beauty of a language barrier. There were a few words that we could speak in the others language but we could see the joy of the Lord in the other and that’s what mattered. I was reminded of the call to be childlike and the joy that it brings Abba God when I slip my hand in His and pull Him away to skip with me. But I also have to listen to His sweet voice as He leans down and tells me that its not the time to go for a walk. Thanks Tizita for reminding me how to become childlike again and thanks Abba for being so gentle with me. 

-Abby Q



Hello world 🙂 


I’m in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia, Africa right now. It’s so crazy, I can’t believe I’m actually here. 


I want to talk about one of my friends I’ve made here. 

Her name is Haben. 


She lives with her brothers and sisters. Through sponsors, she is able to go to the schools we’re doing ministry at and she is able to have food and be provided for. 

She is so strong and has been through so much for someone who’s only 13. Her relationship with God genuinely surprises and amazes me. Today for example, she took my bible and showed me her favorite verse and then wrote her name down beside it. It’s the little moments like that show how big God is and how He is doing things all over the world. 

Her faith, her trust in God, and the way she loves God inspires me so much. 


It’s so crazy how similar and how many things you can have in common with someone who’s grown up on literally the other side of the world. But also it’s crazy how we have such different lives and opportunities just because of where we were born. 

Thanks for all the prayers everyone. 



Over the last couple of days in Ethiopia, I have had the opportunity to develop a friendship with a girl named Genet. The first time I met her, I could tell that she was very shy and spoke very little English, however, she has made such a great impact in my life. One day, she took the time to fill my journal with Amharic words so that I could properly communicate with her and others around me. She even said each word so that I would know how to correctly pronounce it, even though I ended up messing up a lot. Another day, we were drawing in my journal and Genet wrote “God is Love”. As soon as she wrote that, I opened up my Bible and together we searched for that verse. Upon finding it, we highlighted it and continued to read the verses surrounding it. It was a really cool moment. I’m incredibly glad that I have found a friend that I can learn from, read Gods word with and praise our awesome God with. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip holds and how God moves through each of my teammates and the friends that we make along the way. 


-Adeline Bartelt





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