What Love Looks Like

Since I have come to El Salvador, my perspective on love has changed greatly. Before I left I felt as though I had an understanding of overwhelming kindness and immense love, but I realized upon meeting this team and seeing this beautiful city, that I knew only the surface. 

Even as I am writing this my team and I are sitting in a circle in the front of the house listening to Jonah play guitar and the others singing along. How could I be so blessed to meet such a pure group of people and experience life with them? 

Our first day we were welcomed warmly by those at the base, and immediately felt at home. The second day we went to an impoverish community that was initially a garbage dump but was transformed by the love of locals needing a roof over their head. All of the people we came in contact with in this community were some of the kindest I have yet to come across. Back at home I am sure we all could agree that the first thought we do when a bunch of strangers show up to our house is to invite them all in and immediately tell them our life story.

Lying in bed that night I was positive life doesn’t get any better than this. However, we are on day 4 and the Lord has continued to surprise me by showing me just how beautiful life is when its foundation is love. I have never been to such a poor place before, but it is easily the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Love is not just getting coffee with your friends when you have a lot on your mind, it is a three-year-old running to get chairs for 18 strange kids they have never seen before just so they can feel at home. They may be monetarily poor, but spiritually and in love they are beyond wealthy.

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