Fish Tacos, Blue Curtains, & Giraffes

Greetings from Costa Rica, the land of my heart!

Today was the second day of our participation at the Metro Ministries V.B.S. here in San Jose and I am already in love with these children. From the first day that we went to go pick them up from their homes, they were already waiting for us!

Before we left Georgia, on the last day of training camp, the Lord spoke to me and told me to tell the Swaziland team something important that they had to BELIEVE before they left. At first I could not believe that it was the Lord, so I prayed that if I heard someone say the words “Fish Tacos” I would talk to the other team. Not even 2 minutes go by and someone literally said “Have you ever had Baja Fish Tacos” and at that moment all I could think was Lord are you kidding me?! 

I was scared to be the messenger because what I was told to say was something difficult but I did it anyway. The moment I tried to leave the room after talking to the team, I heard God say I am proud. So I went to my team and told them what happened.

When I was done talking, my team leader asked me if blue curtains and a stuffed giraffe meant anything to me because the Holy Spirit showed them to her. I absolutely could not believe what I was hearing because– long story short — it meant so much to me growing up in an orphanage-type place. I had no windows so my brother put up blue curtains in my room and I would draw pictures in my window of adventures. My absolutely favorite was the safari and I dreamed of seeing giraffes. I had drawn a giraffe in my “window.”

The point was that I had been struggling with sharing my testimony because of what happened in the orphanage and to me. It meant that I could see the happy part of it all.

So, with that I close with just a reminder that when you’re told to do something, do it because chances are you will move mountains. As our team, Muchachas de Especia, say:


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