Living life in a bug net

I never would’ve thought a mosquito net could feel like home. Or maybe it’s not the little box my bright pink net makes around my bunk that makes it feel like home. It’s definitely not the cicadas and squawking things outside the window at night either. I’ve found that it’s the community that God has surrounded me in that makes living in the jungle of the Amazon River even seem like a plausible thing that is happening right now. God has already taught me so much more about community and community living. I no longer fear bucket showers or opening up to new people with a fear of rejection. I’m excited to see what God knocks off my fear list and bucket list next, because I know He’ll knock it out of the park. God has also taught me the joy of bonding with a group of people that have their hearts set on God; we’re sharing in each other’s highs, lows, pain and growth. If you ever need encouragement just come see my team, but don’t worry; they’ll point you right back to God.

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