A 1st Corinthians Kind of Love

A 1st Corinthians Kind of Love

by: Reagan Yablon

Dedicated to those who love, those who are loved, and our Savior’s love.


Love is Patient

As patient as the waves in an ocean waiting to be bent


Love is Kind

As kind as the soul who seeks to heal my broken mind


Love does not Envy or Boast

Just as Jesus went coast to coast without bragging He knows the most


Love is not Arrogant

For when you are wrong you repent


Love is not Rude

The moments when you feel down you still keep your uplifting mood


Love does not insist in its own Way

You do not follow just the words you say


Love does not Irritate

Instead you passionately appreciate


Love rejoices in Truth

For you trust me even in the age of my youth


Love bears all Things

Because this type of love is rare


Love never Ends

The love of one another and Jesus Christ will never cease to end

For Jesus Christ our Savior was sent


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