team swazi::: james martin ii

Right now we’re on a bus heading back to America. It feels very surreal. I’ve anxiously waited for this day for a long time now. I was excited for this day, but yet very nervous. I cannot wait to go home and give my family a big hug. I’ve really missed them. But, I know that going home means that real life starts back. In 1 week I start school again. That can really be scary. I’m finishing this journey just to start another. But I’m reminded that my comfort in times of change comes from the Lord. One of the ways that the Lord comforted me this month was through the beauty of His creation. I caught myself many times gazing at the beauty and majesty of the mountains and sunsets that God created in Swaziland. God puts Himself on full display in His creation. As I start this next journey in my life I want to make sure that I take time to enjoy God’s presence in His creation. The Lord provided such an exciting adventure this month and I know that He’ll continue to provide in the next.
All my love,
James L. Martin II

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