team swazi::: leah dawson

This trip has been incredible! I’ll admit, going on this trip was terrifying for me. I was scared of the team dynamic, adapting to the living conditions, and ministering to complete strangers, but it has been nothing short of amazing! My team clicked immediately and we are just one big family. My leaders are awesome and they are funny, easy to talk to, and great examples of what it’s like to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. I didn’t expect to feel so “at home” here and it’s awesome that I’m so comfortable. The care points have been amazing. Playing, singing, dancing, and teaching kids has definitely been a highlight for me on this trip! Being in Swaziland is an absolute blessing! I have laughed so hard here and have made beautiful memories with my teammates. I’m so sad we only have a few days left, but I am excited to see how this trip will affect my life back at home. I hope I will be a better friend, daughter, and sister because of this trip and that I have a lot to take away from this experience. The Lord has blessed me with this wonderful team and the beautiful people I have gotten to know both during ministry and at the homestead. I hope everyone on my team takes something back with them from this trip, and remembers to trust God with everything. I really appreciate everyone’s prayers! I love you guys!

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