Who is Jay?

Heyoooo its Jay here. So far my experience in Costa Rica has been filled with many ups and downs but overall it has been amazing.At first when I landed in Georgia I was so scared to meet my team and I didn’t know what to expect at all, but when I got off the plane I got to meet one of my leaders Julia which made me feel a little better that I wasn’t going into the camp alone. When I met the team I instantly knew that we all were going to get along just fine. Fast forward three weeks we are now like family after spending every second of the day and night together we are closer than ever, I honestly don’t know how I’m going to go home without them after this trip knowing that we have one week left together. 


The past three weeks have been life changing. The first couple of days were very long, and I was lacking in sleep. When we first arrived in Costa Rica we were all eager to arrive at our current location and start ministry, but we were held back for a day in San Jose. In the second week, we served at the YWAM base in many ways. For example we played soccer with a group of kids, we also served in the form of manual labor. During the third week, we went and stayed in an indigenous community, we got to play with kids, visit a nursing home, and clean up the community. We are on week four now, and we have completed our last few days of ministry. This week has a lot of travel and debrief in store, and we are already so sad about going home. 


During week two, I started the process of breaking down my walls, and asking the question “Who is Jay?”. There were many struggles with this question, because before I came on this trip, I thought I knew who I was. We went on a hike to a lookout over the ocean, and we prayed, and three words came to me. Joyful, Independent, and Ocean. I will now elaborate on what these words mean to me. First, joyful. Joyful was a word I first heard and impacted by when I arrived at the YWAM base. I’m currently still processing what this means to me, but soon I will know. Second, Independent. This word was God telling me that I should let go of depending on others, and only need him and myself to be content. Third, Ocean. This word was brought to me because it reminded me of home, because the ocean is a comfort to me just like God is. 


Overall, this trip has been challenging and exciting. I can’t wait to be home and share all of my experiences. God has blessed me in so many ways and I am beyond grateful. 


My new friend O.P.



Hanging with my teammate Erin.



The team at a waterfall.