God Walks with You

Heyyyo! It’s Caitlyn here! I wanted to write a little about my experiences these past couple of weeks. To just give a little bit of background information, my team and I are in the jungle of Costa Rica at the Puerto Viejo YWAM base. We have been serving the community in many different ways, and it’s been really cool to experience all of it.

So, basically I will share a few things that have been going on with me and my walk with Christ. 


So, I’m sure you’ve heard the song Oceans, and if you haven’t I would encourage you to look up that song title and listen to it before reading further, as I will reference the song several times in this entry. I am personally inspired by music and song quotes tend to stick with me and have a lot of meaning. 


So the first quote I would like to highlight is “Your grace abounds in deepest waters”. I love this quote and consistently write it on anything and everything that I can. Even on my skin. (sorry mom!) This past week, I struggled a lot with spiritual questions, as I had never known so many things about the evil of the world. I learned that there was such a thing as spirits of evil, for example, anxiety or anger. I had never been taught this before, because it had never really come up in any conversations I’ve had about my faith. I sat in an incredibly well taught lesson and had my entire belief system on the evil of the world turned upside down. I have previously and still do struggle with depression, and I genuinely thought that it was just my genes or tough luck, but as I sat in this class, I was told that it’s the spirit of depression that had manifested itself in my mind and was doing the devil’s work of trying to cause fear and in turn pull me away from my faith. I really struggled with this, as the church I grew up in never really explained this to me. So to point back to the song lyrics previously stated, God walked me through this tough concept and it was by His grace that my doubt was cast away. I walked through the “deep waters” of doubt and God was right next to me telling me I was his child and he will cast away any and all demons if I call out his name. 


Next, I would like to share the quote “So I will call upon your name, when oceans rise.” These words simply send waves of relief through me when I hear them. I have stepped very far out of my comfort zone to get here. I left the country for the first time, participated in my first international mission trip, and I’m the youngest on my team by three years. To summarize why this is such a big deal, I was terrified. Before the trip, I had many sleepless nights and I was just full of a spirit of fear that ranged from being alone all the time because of the age gap to thinking I would get really sick and have to go home. Sounds crazy, right? I now know that was the fear inside of me trying to pull me away from my purpose of going to Costa Rica and convince me I was not doing the right thing. Those fears sound silly now because my team is like a family and I have 5 really amazing new big sisters, and I, fortunately, have only gotten hurt once and even then we were prepared for it. So, the oceans will rise, but I do not have to fear. Fear will try to take away your peace, but God calls us to throw our fears in the fire, and even when we can’t, the Bible tells us, and I can tell you from experience, God will never leave you nor forsake you. Call on God, he will answer your cry. He will be right by your side screaming at fear with you to leave your spirit, and he will flood your entire body with a sense of peace and love. 


So, to end this, I leave you with a challenge, to allow God to walk you through your struggles. He won’t abandon you, because he is a father of love and peace. And you, reading this, are his child. I am too. We are princes and princesses of the King of kings. Bask in his love and allow him to walk with you. 



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