Blemished but Loved

Hello Everyone! I’ve reached around 33.3% of the way through my trip! I want to start out this blog by giving a huge thanks to everyone who helped me to get here; everyone who helped me financially; the many multitudes of people that prayed over me for the last few months and continue to pray for me; and those who helped me understand missions more and gave me various tips.

Over this past week, there has been a lot of long and sometimes exhausting tasks we’ve had to go through, the hardest and most tiresome of which was travel. We had two flights, the first over 13 hours and the second one was over 5 hours. In between these we also had a layover that was around 11 or 12 hours in Doha, Qatar. Luckily I slept like a rock on our first flight from Atlanta to Doha; I was even able to get a little bit of sleep on the second flight. We arrived in Nepal early Wednesday morning. Once we arrived we met Brian with Agape missions and he shared a little bit of his passion and about his ministry. We used the rest of Wednesday to relax and get our bearings after two full days of travel. Thursday we went to Brian’s house and he expressed even more of his passion for reaching the lowest of the low and the poorest of the poor in society. He explained the terrible conditions the women and children were in; being forced into child labor working at least 20 hours a day in the carpet factories as well as the risks apparent with women and children in the sex trade and prostitution.

Agape missions use multiple outreaches such as their multiple slum schools and their women’s center to get them away from bad situations while teaching and playing games with them. Friday was our first experience going into the field. We got up early and went to one of their slum schools. The kids there were all smiling and filled with joy, even while they were covered in mud, missing shoes or even only having a shirt on and nothing else. The slum school was a happy, but heartbreaking experience seeing the conditions these kids lived in. Afterward, we went to the women’s center and were able to help them teach English, those few hours were full of giggles and laughter as we tried to break down the language barrier. While seeing the ministry and passion Brian and his team brought to Kathmandu I was reminded of how important and different each piece of the body of Christ is and how no matter who you are, your past, your current situation, your job, or anything you have said or done, God is yearning for you to run into His arms and cry out to Him.

God Bless-


Jared Snodgrass


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