New Perspectives

Romania is truly an astonishing country. I thank God so much for bringing me here. This trip has definitely been an eye opening experience for me and I have seen and heard God more than ever before. Our ministry here is very different than I am used to. I am used to delivering firewood and other labor ministry as well as interacting a lot with the locals. Our ministry here has been mainly praying for the missionaries and their families. I am very thankful that we have been able to do this because it gives me a different but good new perspective. The people of Romania are amazing. Once they crack open their shell, they are the sweetest and most generous people I have ever met. It is amazing to me that a local invited us on to her property to use her restroom and spoke to us without us asking. Back in the states you hardly see or hear about that. God is slowly but truly working in this country. The missionaries God has placed here are the most amazing people and I am so thankful to have met them all. I ask for prayers over this country and for the people to be able to realize that it is okay to break orthodox tradition and follow Christ. I also ask for prayers for the missionaries here to be able to spread the word and not be discouraged when it takes a long time to make progress. 


                Smiles and Love 

                 Sydney O’Guinn 

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