Learning to Trust His Voice


     Just before I wrote this I was laying in a hammock looking up at the top of the trees of the rain forest. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Costa Rica sitting in a hammock in an area that looks like a picture on a postcard. With that picture in mind, I have two stories to share that kinda connect to each other and I feel that they accurately depict how God is moving in me and through me so far on this trip.


     For context on the first story, I have always struggled with trusting God with my own well being or my own decisions, but I trusted him with almost everything else. I’m the type of person who wants to be independent and I don’t want to need anyone else or rely on anyone or anything. With that mindset it has always been extremely difficult to trust God at all. 


     My team leader, Julia, had a friend who texted her and asked to pray for all of us girls on the team before we left Georgia. So Julia sent her our names only, and this friend prayed for all of us. When we arrived at the WYAM base in Puerto Viejo, Julia gave each of us girls a note from her friend that this friend had felt that the Lord was wanting to say to us. A part of mine said, “ I am trustworthy. Let me show that I am.” As soon as I read that I started crying so hard and I was so freaked out that this person I had never met before could so accurately speak into my life.


     Since I received that note I have been trying to seek out opportunities where I can try and put my trust in God. I have been trying to find areas that I am scared to move in or areas that I won’t be able to move without His help. I found an area that fits this description and it is my second story. 


     On Friday of this week our team did an evangelism walk, where we walked around the down town or tourist-y part of Puerto Viejo and we asked God if there was anyone we were supposed to talk with or pray for. Almost immediately I had a “vision” from God of this little clothes store with this woman inside. I wanted to find this store so badly and go inside, I told my team about what I saw and they where very supportive and wanted to help me find this store as well. 


     While trying to find the store we walked into several others. I had the opportunity to practice my Spanish a lot, and I also got to pray for a very sweet woman (even if she didn’t understand what I was saying). 


     I still have not found the store. But without this image in my mind, I would not have had the courage to pray for the other woman. I don’t know if I’ll find this store on this trip, or if I’ll find it at all, but the first step of me telling my team that I got this picture was a big step for me. Normally I would dismiss something like this and not pay attention to it. I feel like this experience was a huge step in the right direction to trusting God and trusting that I can follow his voice. 


-Lynzie Delong 


Working together to mix cement!



Our first Sunday church service in Costa Rica!



Taking a dip in the ocean after beach clean-up ministry!


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