birthdays in swazi::: abigail brown

So yesterday was my birthday!! We did market ministry in the morning which was so much fun. I had met a lady at the market the day before and bought fabric from her, so I visited her again in the morning. She was so funny and sweet and as we were talking she said “oh we should get a picture!” I didn’t have my camera with me so she used her phone, which was such a sweet gesture honestly. I’m so excited to see her again! We shopped after ministry and on the bus ride home we pretty much jammed out the whole time which was so much fun. During dinner Logan apologized for not having plans for my birthday and i was absolutely fine with it. The only reason i mention that in this blog is because they threw me my first ever surprise party! KJ distracted me while everyone snuck into our hosts home and decorated it for me, then we went in and had a dance party. It was such a great birthday and i’m so happy I was in Africa and with these people for my birthday. My team was clearly put together by God and I’m so excited for the things they surprise me with in the future. They have already surprised and inspired me so much in my walk with God. Xo


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