team swazi::: emma grace williams

Hey parents! Welcome back! 

I am having the most fun of my entire life! My friends are the light of my world, and I’m so happy for the opportunity to know them,  one of my best friends is Leah Dawson, she brings so much light to this world with her beauty and her humor. My leaders KJ and Logan are huge impacts on me and I love them with my whole heart, KJ has never ever made me feel unsupported, and she is the sweetest and has the most beautiful soul. Logan brings me so much joy because he also supports me so much and he makes me feel so loved ( he’s also heckinrelatable). An example of these two being really sweet and supportive is when the airline lost my luggage, they promised me it would get here eventually and even bought some essentials I needed so I wouldn’t feel so helpless without anything ( still hasn’t come yet..I’ll keep y’all updated).  My favorite night here has been fourth of July, we ate dinner at someone’s house, and then they brought out loud crazy fireworks, and then the neighbors screamed at us for being so loud.

The day after that was market ministry, we got to go to the Manzini market, to meet the vendors and buy some of their artwork and items, we also got to learn about their lives and become close to them. 

I will eventually learn how to evangelize them and tell them about how much Jesus loves them in a way that they want to hear. 

I’ll be writing soon!!! 

Love, Emma

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