DR Team Update #2

Roman Noffsinger,
Throughout this trip, I have had some super Godly moments. We woke up one morning and decided to worship with the Beauty for Ashes group that was also staying with us in the Dominican Republic. While we were worshiping you could feel the presence of God all around. A lady named Rita walked up to me and told me that God said I’m going to be a minister to someone down here and throughout my life. After worship, they pulled out cards that the Beauty for Ashes team wrote prior to the worship. We each got to randomly choose our own anonymous cards. It just so happens the card I drew out said, ” Father God, I thank you and praise it for the plans you have for my brother in Christ. Father God,  I thank you and praise you for all you have poured into him so that he can pour into others. Father
 God, I thank you that you have placed an anointing upon him to be a powerful minister and mighty man of God who speaks truth into the lives of others!” It’s really amazing how God works! The woman who wrote that card was named Cindy and had no clue Rita said those words to me. I think that was God speaking reassurance to me and my calling and I am listening with all my heart.

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