dancing in the street::: mackenzi sandberg

hitting the manzini streets is something different in itself. thursday and friday we were sent from the aim base to explore the markets and people of this town. and what i discovered was slowness and sweetness and uniqueness all wrapped up in the street rhythms. my mind was caught in the way these people simply value conversation. i could stop anyone for a question and there was no rush found in the answer. men driving by would stick their heads out the windows for a big wave and hello. we received more than a few stares considering our skin color; however, the way we stood out led to conversations. “where are you from?” in broken english and an accent were words that began to build the bridges to relationship. we intentionally visited the same people at their self started businesses and markets to become not a customer but a friend. we met a lady at her jewelry and souvenir shop in the street market who blessed us all with eswatini names. her personality was beautiful. walking back to aim on friday an old man began dancing to the beat of pure joy on the sidewalk as we passed by. sweet bella jumped to the same beat with no worry on her mind of the funny scene she was making. how free they were. learning that intentionality cannot be rushed. when i sit down to talk with god he would never tell me to hurry up so he can go listen to the next person. God is turning our american time into swazi time.

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