Guatemala Week 1

Hi everyone!! I’m really not sure how many days we have been in Guatemala, but I do know that every single one of them has been absolutely amazing! I think that I can speak for everyone, on the four-week team and the two-week team, that we all love being here. So far, for ministry, we have put on a VBS for the kids in a local community, spent time doing street ministry, door-to-door ministry, and visiting a home for seniors. Personally, I love doing the VBS and door-to-door ministry because I have been able to get to know some of the kids and talk with their parents. Door-to-door ministry is also super humbling because you see how little materials most of these families have and how they are living in small homes and they are so joyful and full of love. I have realized in just the short amount of time that I have been here that what I have back home, in terms of materials, is not at all what will ever bring me closer to God. One of the most amazing things that our two teams have gotten to experience so far was this girl, Natalie, who had a lot of knee pain, was prayed over and her pain went from a 9 to a 1. Seeing this happen and seeing how she wasn’t surrounded by a lot stuff or materials, but rather with love and a supporting community, was truly an eye-opener for me and a lot of the other girls on our teams. Not only are the people of Guatemala the warmest people I have ever met but the country itself is beautiful. The base where are staying is surrounded by mountain; everywhere you turn there is a mountain in front of you. Some things that we have done that aren’t necessarily a part of ministry, but they have helped us grow together, are bracelet making, putting hair wraps in each other’s hair, Bible study, hammocking, eating meals together, and one night we sang and led worship together. We have also ridden the chicken bus a couple times, which is definitely an experience, but a good one! And those of us who came to Guatemala knowing little to no Spanish now know at least some which is fun! Overall, I would say that Guatemala is amazing, and I cannot wait for the next three weeks that I get to spend here! 🙂

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