Market Ministry

Markets are busy, bustling, and full to the brim… They all have life, and color, and a fullness to them that you won’t find many other places. The people pour over the different articles, foods, and furnishings as they decide on their purchases, going to old friends or trying someone new. The team meets in the midst of the market area to encourage those around them with singing or with prayer. 




Hear from some of the team about their experiences:


I first want to start off by saying bucket showers are amazing (forgot to mention in my last blog post) anyways Guatemala is absolutely beautiful, we’ll never get used to the incredible view right outside our doors. We got to go to a church service last night and they wanted some of us to speak, and I’m not the type of person to get up and speak in front of people and my mom would testify to that, but for some reason I felt like God was calling me to get up and share something with the church. It actually went amazingly well and I didn’t have any nerves at all about it. I told them about how God started working in me and my team before we had even left the Atlanta airport. God used me last night and I didn’t realize it until I was finished, but it was so cool. If God is telling you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, it could really impact those around you and yourself! Gracias!

                                             Because they haven’t heard, Lexy ( Alexa )


     My experience at Guatemala has been amazing! I feel that I really touched the hearts of the kids that I encountered. Whether it was doing the craft, singing songs, or simply playing games; God impacted lives.

                                                                                    – Ryan Cook


Guatemala is a beautiful country with great people. Even though we came to bless them by sharing the gospel with them, I felt that they really blessed me as well. I have learned a lot on this trip; I learned a lot about my team, myself, and God. I am so thankful for this opportunity. God has shown up in amazing ways! I know that God is at work in this country. He was here even before the people of Guatemala and he will continue to be here after we leave.

                                                                                    – Will Eason




The experience here is so awesome! I cannot believe that God knew what people would make this trip so much better! We work together through everything! I think the hardest time is ATL or Ask The Lord. During that time we sit and pray and ask the Lord where to go or who He wants us to talk to, making it hard because you don’t realize what God is saying until you go out!  The group of girls that I was put with for ATL are so awesome! And they know how to reach out to certain people. I can’t wait to go home but I don’t want this trip to end! We talked to three people yesterday and prayed for all three of them and it made me feel so good!

                                                                               -Gabriela Petersen 


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