team swazi::: abby brown

Oh where do I start? Since arriving in Swaziland we have already seen so many amazing things. God has really brought so many blessings to us. Our team has come together so well and we have become so close. I can’t wait to keep doing ministry with these amazing people who have already taught me so much. We got to the homestead we are staying at on wednesday and spent the day getting settled in. Thursday we spent exploring the town and meeting some people. Then on Friday we had our first time doing market ministry, that was so amazing. My team and I spent time talking to many different people at the market and other shops and have already started making relationships here in Swazi. The people here are so friendly and kind and it completely blows my mind. I can’t believe God has put me here, IN AFRICA SHARING THE GOSPEL! It is truly amazing and I am so thankful that God let me come here and I am so excited to see how He will continue to move here is Swaziland!!

Much love, Abby

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