team swazi::: james martin

I’ll be honest, on this trip I’ve really missed the people I love. I miss my parents like crazy, I miss my friends, I really miss my beautiful girlfriend, and I even miss my brothers! My home church is currently reading through the Bible in a year,and I’ve gotten a little ahead of the church as a whole. Since I’ve been in Africa, I’ve finished all the Gospels and I’m currently in Acts. Through my reading I’ve made an important discovery. The discovery is this: the greatest power that exists on Earth is prayer. The same power that Jesus Christ walked with was given to us through the Holy Spirit and we wield that power through our prayers. So even though I’m thousands of miles away, and I’m on a different side of the globe, I can still fully love my family and friends at home through my prayers. I’m praying for you always.

All my love,

James L. Martin II

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