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As an enneagram six (google it if you don’t know!), I crave being safe and secure inside my comfort zone. However, I have a big, big God who, out of his love for me, wants me to see and feel much more than the tiny square inch of life that is comfortable to me. Here in Swaziland, God has given me yards upon yards of uncomfortableness. Yesterday, at market ministry, I experienced three particular incidents that were so outside of my comfort zone, yet quickly became some of my favorite memories. Simply put, market ministry consists of us going into the market and loving every person we interact with. The first woman I met was so kind. I told her my favorite color was yellow and she told me her favorite color was pink and then we laughed. A friendship had been formed! I asked her name and she told me her siswati name (which I promptly forgot). She knew I was American and translated her name for me. Promise. That was her name. I felt my heart stir and asked her about some promises she clings to, what she hopes for. And then she beautifully answered, “I hope in God providing for my children.” I asked to pray for her and she said yes. I asked if I could lay my hands on her (people in Swaziland don’t love personal touchso this was a bold question) and she said yes (a bold answer)!  And then I prayed for her. Praying out loud has never been a piece of my comfort zone; this was not comfortable for me. Yet it was beautiful, a beautiful moment for both of us. Tears were shed. Hearts were connected. I cannot wait to see Promise next time we do market ministry! I met another woman. I forgot her Siswati name too, but like Promise, she was kind enough to translate for me: Glory, her name meant Glory. She gave me a Siswati name as well. Once again, I forgot it but I do remember the translation: Praising. I asked her if she praised God and she said yes. She told me she liked to sing, and I asked her to teach me a song. So, she and I just started singing a song to Jesus in the middle of the market. If you know me, you know I can’t sing, yet I sang. And it was awesome. The entire aisle clapped along. I am so glad I sang with Glory. As we left the market, I ran into a man dancing. I don’t know his name. And I don’t know why, but I just started dancing along. I followed his lead and did his dance with him in the middle of a crowded sidewalk. I am a terrible dancer, but dancing with this man, it was joy. Uncomfortable, but pure joy. I can feel myself growing in Swaziland. I am embracing the uncomfortable and loving it. The kindness of the Swazi people is contagious. I love this place and am so glad that I am here, way outside of my comfort zone, learning more and more about our big, big God who created this big, big world.

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