team swazi::: delilah froese

 Greater lessons

(As our time in Swaziland has come to an end I keep on trying to think of the lessons I’ve learned and how this trip has changed me, honestly I first came to a blank but then I looked at the small things that turned out to be greater lessons. At the carepoints there were so many amazing little personalities that we hungry for love and attention and I find it amazing that I was able to give that to them but honestly I took back so much more from them than I could ever give. They taught me to be joyful and live in the moment, being kind is so valuable to other people, it benefits everyone to help out, to put my trust in the Lord whenever I’m afraid and to get up whenever I fall and try again. In these beautiful souls I found greater lessons from the Lord and these kids don’t even know what an impact they made on my life, these kids don’t know much about Jesus but they taught me so much about my relationship with Jesus. I am internally thankful for our time in Swaziland, a place that taught me so much and is so hard to say goodbye to.

To my family, I love you so much and I’m so excited to see you soon!

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