team swazi::: Serena Michal—Listening Prayer for Mysterious Number Seven

Listening prayer is extremely difficult. It forces you to, both, fully trust yourself and to fully trust God. I was first introduced to listening prayer last year on my trip to Guatemala. It was so awesome and super confusing all at the same time. Questions like “was I just thinking about purple flowers or is God leading me?” are very common. However, throughout the past year, I have become slightly more confident in hearing God’s voice. The other day, our entire team did a listening prayer exercise. We were each given a number, and we were told that that number represented someone on our team, and we were supposed to spend fifteen minutes prayer for that person. But we weren’t allowed to know who till the end of the fifteen minutes. The number I received was Seven. So, for fifteen minutes I prayed for Number Seven, and this is what I understood from what I heard:


First, I was given a picture of a waterfall, but its surroundings were so green and fruitful, it reminded me of the creation story in Genesis 1. There are two places in the creation story where water is mentioned. In Genesis 1:9-13. God separates the waters to create land and sea, but then the waters become untouched. God continues with creation, but he is focusing on the land and the sky. However, in Genesis 1:20-23, God fills the seas “with fish and other life.” The symbolization I saw here was I think Number Seven is very important right now; God sees he or she as good. Number Seven, you are the base and foundation for so much life. You may not be able to see that right now, but your time to shine is soon. In Genesis, the waters are filled with life right after He has filled the land and created the stars and light. God wants everyone to see what you will do for His kingdom.

Second, I was given the urge to turn to Joshua. When I got this, I originally thought it was just me trying to come up with a book, but, when I opened my Bible, it opened straight to Joshua. The very first words I read were from Joshua 17:17 “… Since you are so large and so strong you will be given more than one portion.” This verse is actually talking about a people, the descendants of Joseph. However, I think this is a metaphor for Number Seven; I think this is a metaphor for the amount of trust you have in the Lord and how strong your faith is. God is going to use that, and He is going to entrust you with so much.

Immediately following chapter 17 in Joshua, there are these lists of land portions, cities, and places. They are the lists of places that were distributed and given to the different tribes. I think this is suppose to signify all the places you will touch or affect or reach; the places God will use you.

After all this, I believe Number Seven is someone who is called to the World Race, the missions field, or just travel as a whole. I believe God is going to use you to spread His word to the four corners of the earth.


Turns out Delilah was number Seven! Delilah, God has so much in store for you. Honestly, this all makes so much sense knowing it was you I was praying for. Whether you are called to the World Race or to Flight Attendant School or both, God is going to use you to share his kingdom. And, seriously, if any career could be utilized for this (besides being a missionary), flight attendant would be it. You be able to use a job your truly passionate about to do His deeds. Delilah, you are such an amazing person. You’re sweet, kind, funny, and you’re very real. You have been very open about your feelings and the things you believe since day one and that is truly inspiring. You aren’t afraid to be yourself! (Even though we all tease you and your Canadian differences ;-P ) I very much value those few days we were bunk-mates and am very excited to be the new triplets with you! I love you so much and am so grateful that God put us on the same trip!

Love you Girly!


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