team swazi::: delilah froese::: a letter to the parents!

Swazi parents I want to say right off the bat, I LOVE your kids!! Your kids are truly amazing, they are teaching me so much and they are inspiring me every day. Our team has grown close together so fast, its so hard to imagine that we only met a week ago. I find comfort, peace and a direct connection with God within my new family. 

To the parents of Sydney

Sydney’s joy is contagious and whenever I look at her, I see Jesus. She is so loving, sweet and adorable. She is teaching me to be joyful in everything that I do and to spread love wherever I go. Sydney is such an amazing and beautiful person inside and out and she is defiantly teaching me to be encouraging to others.


To the parents of Leah

?Leah is someone that can always make me laugh and her humor is a light to our team. Leah is so joyful, and she is teaching me that there is always a light no matter what darkness you may be in. Leah is not afraid to take a risk and admit humility and that just inspirers me. Leah is teaching me that it is okay to let God take complete control and that he will be faithful and create something beautiful from nothing. 


To the parents of Jabin

?Jabin is so wise and sure in his faith. His story inspirers me and teaches me that God will always be there no matter what you have been through. He always knows what to say in every situation. I can see God using him in so many ways on this trip.Jabin is always willing to do anything that is asked and encourages others around him. Jabin is most defiantly teaching me to put my trust in God in the good and the bad times.


To the parents of Bella

?I see Bella as an example for Christ, she is willing to do what ever to spread the love of God. Seeing her do market ministry inspirers me to be bold and courageous in ministry and in my relationship with the father. She sets an example of how to spread the love of God and she is such a light to our team. It is safe to say that she is teaching me to be bold in my faith.


To the parents of Mackenzi

?Mackenzi has such a beautiful soul and she is an amazing child of God. Mackenzi is so creative and not only inspirers me in calligraphy but in my relationship with God. I can see God growing in her like a contagious wildflower. She is teaching me that I can let go and just trust the Lord, follow him and spread his wonderful name. 


To the parents (and Hayden) of James

?James is so wise and confident in his faith and encourages everyone around him. He is obedient to God and is willing to admit defeat and try again. His story inspirers me to trust in God in all the hard and difficult times and he is teaching me that its okay to struggle, feel lost and give it all to Jesus. James is teaching me to come to the Lord in all situations.


To the parents of Makayla

?Makayla is so strong and courageous. Makayla will take any situation wither it be good or bad and make the best of it. Makayla is always open to talk to and she goes along with whatever situation. Makayla’s heart is so big, and I admire her plans to spread the love of God in collage. Makayla is teaching me to make the best of every situation.


To the parents of Abigail (Brown)

?Abigail’s love for others is truly inspiring and she just goes out and spreads the love of God. Abigail is quick to share her faith and encourage others and that is so inspiring. I love how she is so willing to go out and share whatever she can about God. It is defiantly safe to say that she is teaching me to be bold in my faith and to share my love of God with whoever I can. 


To the parents of Emma

?Emma sets an example of patience. Emma has continued to be patient especially with her bag getting lost in Qatar and she still holds onto hope whenever there is just bad news in sight and that is amazing to see. Emma is encouraging, thoughtful and always keeps me laughing. I can see already God is using her in so many ways in this trip. Emma is defiantly teaching me to be patient and to never lose hope.


To the parents of Maria

?Maria is so caring and always encourages others around her. Maria listens attentively and cares about what you are saying and always encourages you to grow closer to God. I can see her passion for God, and she loves in the people around her. Her story is inspiring and amazing to hear the miracles in her life. I would defiantly say that she is teaching me to listen carefully and encourage others around me. 


To the parents of Abby (Smith)

?Abby is a very thoughtful and caring person. She just loves on the people that she comes into counter with and that is amazing to see. Yesterday we went outside early in the morning and watched the sun rise, I could see her fall in love with this country and of course the dogs. In that I could see that she is quick to love and quick to forgive. It is amazing to watch her grow and come out of her comfort zone. Abby is teaching me how to love everything and to be bold and come out of my comfort zone. 


To the parents of Michal (Serena)

?Michal is a very strong person in her faith, and she is bold in everything she does. Michal shares stories that help encourage others that are going through the same. Her motivation is insane, she just keeps going when honestly, I want to give up. Also, here she is known as the cross fitter 🙂 and I love that she brings her true self and is a light to this team. Michal is teaching me to be bold, never give up and use past experiences to encourage others.


To the parents of the leaders:


To the parents of Tina

?Tina and her story are inspiring and teach me to never loose sight of the Lord. Tina always knows what to say and when to say it. She continues to check in and make sure we are okay and also asks us deeper questions that give me peace and clarity. I can just look at her and I see Jesus. Tina is very encouraging and helps me grow in my faith and embraces the new culture. I think that it is safe to say that she is teaching me to hang on to hope and embrace the culture.


To the parents of Logan

?Logan is hilarious especially whenever he is with KJ and he is also encouraging to everyone on the team. Logan is someone so special to me especially because we have the same birthday. His story is truly inspiring and teaches me to keep on being the light no matter what darkness you are going through. Logan is teaching me that you can always be an ambassador for Christ and bring light to those who need it.


To the parents of KJ

?KJ is also hilarious especially when with Logan and I can see how God is working through her. KJ is such a bright light in the team, she encourages whoever she can, and she shares the love of our father wherever she goes. KJ is so supportive and will be there for you no matter what. KJ is teaching me humility, how to bring light to the darkness and encourage everyone around. 


?Parents, your kids are inspiring me everyday and they are teaching me to love and encourage others and also to share my love of God with everyone. To those parents who are missing their kids right now- please know that each one of them are very important assets to our team, they are teaching everyone beautiful lessons and your kids are being loved and cared for by our leaders and other participants, Also parents please know that they miss you too. Swazi has been amazing so far and we all can’t wait to spend the next 3ish weeks here and God is teaching us all amazing lessons. I truly feel that each of your kids were placed here by God to complete this AMAZING team.

To my parents, I love you, I miss you, take care of my dog, keep my plant alive and I am where I belong, see ya in just about a week:)

-Delilah Froese