Close to Us

We have been in Nepal for a little over a week and Papa is doing some amazing things here. I can only put into words a glimpse of what Papa has been teaching me. Our first day of ministry we spent praying and getting to know our host ministry. Afterward, we went to a Hindu temple that oversaw the whole city of Kathmandu and while we were there we prayed over the city and its people. 

The temple is placed on a foothill and by foothill, it is actually climbing the side of a mountain (in my opinion, haha). After reaching the temple I was so exhausted and it was beyond humid. When we finally arrived ontop the “foothill” and saw the city it was so beautiful. I sat down and watched people go into the temple and pray to this Hindu god and monkeys jumping all around. It was so sad to see these people believe and pray to gods that are not valid.

On top of that foothill, papa started speaking to my heart and made me realize something about His character. Anytime someone wants to come to pray to this mold of clay they have to climb a mountain. They have no access to it anywhere else except to climb and climb and offer something in exchange for what is said to be a  “blessing”. However, Papa is ever close and near to us. Always drawing us and wanting us to be in His presence.

Papa gave me the word close for the nation of Nepal. I pray that the people of Nepal know that Papa is close to them and is wanting to draw near to Him. Also realizing that there is room for them at His table. I pray that his glory and adoration may be seen in this vessel that is me. 

Peace and blessings



Soli Deo Gloria


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Here is a picture of the altar that we built with all the words God gave us individually to pray over the country of Nepal.


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