team swazi::: abby smith

The last day.
This is our last day is Africa. As we drive to the joburg airport, looking at the mountains and trees that suround us, my heart is full of thankfulness. It still blows my mind that I am in Africa, that i’ve been in Africa for the past month. I can’t believe God let me come here and that He put me here on this team, in this comunity, in my family. Its crazy. All the people I’ve met this month have influenced me so much, taught me so much, loved me so much. I cannot comprehend what God has done for me and in me this month.

To my team,
You guys. I can’t. I love you all so much. Thank you for loving me. Even when I didn’t talk much for like the first week and then still I always had to really be pushed to talk, you guys still loved me. You still included me. You still made me feel known. And when I was ready to talk, you all listened. You let me cry. You prayed for me. You stayed up late talking to me. I am truly so thankful for you all. Seeing your faith chalenged me. Hearing your testimonys strengthened me. Seeing when christian comunity can be, what christian teens can do for God when we all are united in our purpose to bring God glory, it’s life changing. I have learned so much from you all. How to pray for one another. How to be a friend. How to be bold because of Christ. How to listen. How to understand others. How to be strong. How to be humble. How to be intentional. How to be myself. How to be brave. How to love freely. How to share the gospel. How to live in the moment. How to obey. How to be free because of Jesus. How to trust. Know that God used you all the teach me about Him. I love you all so so much. I will never forget you guys and I know I’ll see you all soon.

To the people of Swazi,
Never have I seen people like in Eswatini. So friendly, so caring. Our host family treated us like thier family and showed us love in every conversation we had. The people on the streets aways were greeting us and were eager to talk. When we were is the market we found friends and family. I will never forget saying goodbye to our friends at the market, everyone in a huge circle singing songs to Jesus. Right there in the market. It was amazing. Our ministry hosts, Bongani, Morgan and Johnaton. We all love them so much. They took care of us so well, and I will never forget the best fourth or July party I’ve ever been to. (Also Johnaton is litteraly one of the cutest babies in the entire world) And at the carepoints. The carepoints. Where my heart broke. I loved our sheperd and cooks. Hearing their stories during the bible study was truly inspiring. And the kids. My little ones. Anyone back home will tell you how much I love kids. The kids here taught me so much. Bandiswa and Sandziso, I pray they always know how much God loves them and how much I love them. And my little girl, my little girl who never spoke, not even in Siswati. I never learned yout name, but thats ok. When you looked at me with those beautiful eyes I knew you had so much going on inside that little head of yours. I hope you always know you are loved, even when you cant see it. You showed me how to love freely and I can’t put into words how much I will always love you.

With love forever,
Abby Smith

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