muslims need Jesus too:::: sydney price

wow these last few days has been so amazing! My relationship with my beautiful new friends has gotten way more stronger than i expected this early in this journey. The Lord has been teaching me so much and my relationship with him has just been getting stronger and stronger! I have already done so many things that I would not of been able to get myself to do in the states. one amazing story I have is when we went inside a Mosque and prayed to OUR GOD for the muslim people. i have never felt so much spiritual warfare, but when i started praying I felt the holy spirit around me and felt it enter the room around me. I have felt the holy spirit in that way before. Ever since that experience I have felt God putting on my heart to pray and minister to muslims. this is something I would have never found without being on this trip. This is just one amazing example of what God has shown me during this journey. God is so Good!! I love you all so much!!

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