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Wow this month just blew past! As I prepare to return home, I’m overwhelmed with how many life lessons and growth opportunities I’ve been blessed with. For example, the airline lost my luggage and I was forced to live without any of my own clothes or items for a month, while that may seem like the biggest inconvenience for anyone, it was actually one big blessing in disguise, It feels as if god was trying to show me that I don’t need anything to spread his love. 

Where do I even start with my team???
I’m so so so incredibly blessed to have been paired with the most perfect beautiful team. What blows my mind is that we lived together for 4 weeks and not once we’ve had to deal with a single dramatic outbreak. When I was speaking with this woman at one of the church services, she was talking about how amazing it is that god picks the most perfect people to fit in the team, how he specifies what gifts are needed in this group to allow people to grow and places them with the people that are going to bring out each other’s talents and gifts.
I got to go on a safari and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever gotten to do.
The emotion that I went through was pure joy, seeing the animals so relaxed and free (compared to the animals in captivity) made me overwhelmed with joy and relief that there are animals out there that remain content in their natural habitat, and not in cages being portrayed and seen all the time.
I’m so blessed to have gotten to go on this trip and I’m excited to see how I can use what I’ve learned here, back home
Talk soon
? Emma Grace Williams

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