team swazi::: emma williams

Hey parents!! welcome back! 

Holy cow! This month is just flying by!! I have already had some of the most enjoyable moments in my life!
My favorite memory, has been watching the Lion King with my team and singing all the songs! I have also loved having photoshoots with friends.
We went to a cultural village and got to watch cool dances, and learn them.
An update on the luggage, it has been found, but unfortunately it has been shipped back to my home in the US. Although I’m happy it is safe, I still do not have any luggage for the rest of the trip.
The views here are incredible!!! Africa is stunning! Especially South Africa!.
As I prepare for the last week here, I look forward to many more adventures like a safari, my last couple days ministering to the kids at the care points, trying new foods, and meeting new people.
love my friends!
love my leaders!
still no luggage!
love africa!

I’ll talk soon!!
xo – emma grace <3

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