team swazi::: abigail brown

Well, here we go, out of Africa. My experience here has been amazing, but not at all what I expected. I normally hear people say that, but what they say they didn’t expect is exactly what I expected. For example (and this isn’t anyone on my team), they didn’t expect to get wrecked by talking to locals, but I did. However, in that example is what I expected. I thought I would become attached and best friends with some people here. I did become friends with some beautiful Swazi people, but my expectations and reality did not line up. I expected to be heartbroken to leave because these people grew me and I loved them. But God had a plot twist planned out that I couldn’t see. God brought so much life change through talking to my team. These people have encouraged me so much. I thought the people I did ministry for would be the people that changed me, but it was the people I did ministry with. I did life with these people who love Jesus, and I got to see what it’s like to do radical life. To love radically, to see radical beauty in everything, to serve radically, to follow Jesus radically, because Jesus is radical. And this plot twist has been the best ever, because I thought I would leave the people I grew with behind. I thought I would leave my growth behind. But I get to bring my growth with me. The people I grew with are on a journey with me now. We get to continue to follow Jesus radically, together. Even from across America (and Canada 😉 ) we have a community of loving Jesus. That’s the best kind of community to have.