How to Survive in Latin America: By Grace Heim & Kylee Silber

Today marks four days in Peru. Our team has been immersed in the culture, ate the food, got to know the people, and participated in what the Lord is doing in Peru. In these four days, we have experienced the beauty of Latin American culture, and we are learning how to better be a part of Latin American society. 

Here are five ways to make the most of your time in Latin America:


1.Have Flexibility

Latin Americans rarely make plans. They fly by the seam of their pants, and when they do make plans, they are very susceptible to change. Know that plans will change, but God’s plan will always be done. 


2.Be Relational

Latin Americans value relationships. Quality time is important. Be intentional in your time with others, embrace the culture, and make conversation. Relationships have the ability to break down language barriers. 


3.Be patient 

Latin Americans scarcely make plans and value their relationships, resulting in them seldom being on time. Patience is key when trying to build relationships with these people. While it is important to be patient with all people, it is especially important, and sometimes harder, in Latin America. If you are patient with Latin Americans, you can truly build relationships that are deep and valuable. 


4.Be open to physical touch

Latin Americans love big and easily. They can know you for only minutes or hours and already care for you. A common way that Latin Americans express their deep love is through physical touch. While this may be alarming for some people, or even negative, one must realize that this is in fact a positive thing as they try to welcome you into their family. 


5.Be open to new experiences 

When the opportunity arises to try something new, take it. When we went to the market, we were able to try grub worms. While this seemed gross to many of us, we tried it and created new memories. These are memories that will last a lifetime, so take chances and try new things when you can. 


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