@Parents: We are OKAY!! hola from Peru!

Hello family and friends! Buenas dias from the jungle. Here are some updates from your students:

I am fine. And I see God moving in diferent ways. -David

>God has showed me twelve other people that love my heart to the fullest. He has showed me His power everywhere and has changed my heart. Our leaders are inspiring! I love you all. -Louisa

I love the people here and my team and leaders are amazing. God has blessed us with safety and closer friendships than any of us could have expècted. -Kayt

These children melt my heart. no words can describe the amount of blast I am having. Peru-incredible. the team-fabulous. the leaders-amazing. God´s work here-positively inconceivable. So many stories and pictures to share with you. -Brittany

Hello family! IOts okay, my group is weird like me. Im craving cheesecake factory. Dont worry about me, theres french fries here. i love you guys. see you soon. -Hattie

Hey fam! Just want to let you know Im not starving. slowly finding myself and God in this wonderful place. Dont worry im in great hands. i miss and love you all. be back sooner than you think.-Emily

Peru is so amazing. Eating well! I´ve seen God work in so many awesome ways. I love you all and can´t wait to tell you everything. -Lauren

Peru is amazing. God has moved in amazing ways and I can´t wait to share with people back home. please continue to pray for me! -Dillonç

There is Coke here. I am very very happy. Awesome kids, great food and cool living space. Oh and the best leaders ever. -Trey

I love and miss you so much. Peru is beautiful and a lot of fun. -Jamie-Ann

Hi family! I miss you and will talk to you soon. Can´t wait to share stories-Alana

Shout out to Danielle-I miss you and hope you are awesome. Love to you and the family. -Rich

Hey mom! I am awesome. I know i am in the center of God´s will at this moment in time. IT´s a good feeling. Love you and Dad-Glenalyn

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