Adventures in Guatemala

We have officially been in Guatemala three full days and already God has done so much! We are staying in San Pedro, but we have been able to go into the community of San Pablo, (across the bay) and pray with families and visit in their homes. We have seen extremely different living situations than our own. Through our home visits, we have experienced the power of prayer. Our team has also helped with the construction of Pastor Antonio’s church yesterday (he is our contact here) by doing a mass cleaning of scraps and rocks from the church floor.

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Inside the church, looking out on San Pedro

We’ve made several friends in the community already and really have enjoyed our time in the different cities. We all agree these are some of the most beautiful people we have ever seen. So many beautiful colors make up Guatemala and we can’t beat our view from our hotel.

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The Lord has truly blessed us!

Every morning and night we eat at Pastor Antonio’s house. They feed us very well. We’ve been able to try some traditional Guatemalan dishes like tortillas & cooked plantains, as well as a few American favorites like pancakes &french toast. We take turns helping with dishes and cleaning. We’re also blessed that we are getting to know another missionary family from Denver, CO who are staying with Pastor Antonio and also serving here for the month.

All in all, we are all healthy and having a good time! We are having our nightly team times and learning more about who God says we are in Him. It’s been such a good time to spend in worship and share with each other what God is teaching us.

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Continue to pray for us. We are performing our drama to share the Gospel with others and we are putting on a VBS program with the children tomorrow. We have an off day on Saturday, which we will be taking a boat across the bay to go to the market and see some sights. Sunday we will be heading to Pastor Antonio’s church, where we look forward to sitting in on a traditional Guatemalan/Spanish service. We will continue to touch base with everyone and share our stories about the goodness of Christ and all He is doing here in Guatemala! Be Blessed!

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Some of the girls singing songs


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