We Are Sons & Daughter’s

We Are Sons & Daughters

So I’m embarking on this journey that is my third week here in Guatemala. God has taught me so much. He has given me friendships that I am sure will last the rest of my life. He has granted me peace. He’s revealed an even deeper heart for teaching within me. God has shown me how the Holy Spirit moves and how limitless the Spirit really is. 
it has been so cool to teach English in schools, discover cute Guatemalan coffee shops, conquer my fears, pray over villages, and practice my Spanish (shoutout to Ms. Powell)!! it’s been hard being away from home but oh my gosh it’s been so worth it! God is showing me more about Himself and even more about my identity in Him. From the moment I stepped into training camp to this end of my second week in Guat, God has completely rocked my world. He has individually shown each person on my team a whole new kind of freedom we can indulge ourselves in through Him.
For the first time in my life, I fully and completely feel the freedom of Christ. I finally get it. I finally understand that I am no longer a slave. I’m not a slave to insecurity. I’m not a slave to opinions. I’m not a slave to lust. I’m not a slave to temptation. I’m not a slave to anything. all I am is a Daughter of God. that’s it. that’s the only thing that can claim my identity. That is the only title that the Lord has given me. 
I sit outside of my room looking at the beautiful mountains here next to the perfectly blue lake, and I can’t help but believe and cling to the whispered promise of the Lord: “I have so much more for you. please trust.” He wants life abundantly for me. 
I look at the beautiful mountains here and think about how God’s love for me is so much bigger. I would be crazy not to put my trust in Him. so I’m going to keep believing the promises of God and continue to let Him be my identity. Because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. It is for freedom that Christ had set us free. 
I’m overwhelmed with love and joy here. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that in Christ, there is no shame. There is no condemnation. All we are is sons and daughters. That’s what God is teaching my team. that above all else, we are the Sons and Daughters. it struck such a chord in my heart when a speaker at training camp said, “You are not sinners saved by grace; you are children of God. He doesn’t see you as sinner anymore. He sees you as Child.”
So I’m in love with my team, I’m in love with Guatemala, and I’m in love with my Father. I have head over heels fallen for the consuming fire that is freedom in Christ. We are the sons. We are the daughters. and that is all we are.

Maggie Exum