Just a Touch

My team that is separate from our whole team has been doing the community outreach aspect of the trip. We go out every morning after breakfast and we walk around the village areas of Jamaica and we talk to the different people. There have been some amazing people that we have come in contact with and have been able to pray alongside and hear about their life.

But some days we don’t get so lucky with people. We walk the streets and no one comes out, and our spirits are low. So we stop and we pray along the way for God to send us people. On multiple occasions people walk out of their house immediately or we turn the corner to larger groups of people.

But there was one day that was different. We hadn’t seen anyone but a few that just walked by. We told ourselves quality not quantity. Our spirits were low until we ran into a man named Camien. Camien was walking the streets selling some of his artwork. He stopped and asked us what we were doing and we talked to him about our mission. Then his face lit up as he expressed his love for Jesus.

After hearing a little about his life we asked if we could pray for him, he said he was in need of prayer for financial help. So we laid hands on him and our teammates prayed over him. We said amen and opened our eyes to see tears rushing down his face. It was a special moment for us all. I felt moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and Camien. He then told us he saw God through us and he thanked us. After we got a picture we proceeded to hug him and he told us that he will hold this memory with him forever.

We walked away and our team leader Tyler mentioned that before we even talked to Camien he said that the Holy Spirit told him that all this guy needed was a touch to feel God’s love.

So we game him Just a Touch.

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