Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day at the care point today. The care point was down a long, dirt road, deep in the mountains. When I arrived, a little girl under a tree outside the care point fence all by herself caught my eye. I went over to her and said hi and she said hi back. She was very shy. I got her to come over to me and when she realized I was there for her, she started clinging to me and wouldn’t let go of my hand. She couldn’t stop smiling. I took her over to the slides and we started racing each other down the slides. She also tried to get me to do the monkey bars with her, but I’ll admit I was too weak to make it across. Next, we went to where the other kids her age were and we started dancing and singing in a circle. She was so happy. She went from being shy and alone and being a bright, little bubble of joy. She loved playing with my hair, too. Goodness, the Swazi kids pull hair really hard. I even taught her a song and she got so excited when she learned it. We didn’t talk too much, but just hugging her and holding her hand, I could see she felt so much joy and she told me “I love you” when I was about to leave for the day. I’m so thankful I got to meet her and tell her Jesus loves her and will always be there for her.

Micheala C.

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