Reap and Sow

As many of you already know, ministry is not always easy. Most the time is covered in tears, questions, and rocky paths. You’ll come out of some days ultimately defeated, feeling unfruitful, ready to throw in the towel and say, “They’re too far gone”. But how dare that be my reaction. I am called to serve in whatever ways take shape. Our Saviors closest, dearest friends were at one time horrible people. He died for the man on the cross next to him, for you, for me, and for the worst person we know.

      Things take time and the idea that we can fly halfway across the world, swoop in and save the day is naive. My current task as a short-term missionary is to water the seeds that have already been planted. Seeds that many gardeners have cared for. I am just the next one, here for three weeks then I will pass the task on. My job is to support the mission’s team already here. Come along side and help them complete the next mile in the marathon. I did not come to Nepal to “save” anyone. I am here to complete the task the Lord has for me. To build up my fellow brothers and sisters so that, as a whole, we can advance the kingdom of God.

They are the ones who have so diligently sown seeds and they will reap what they have sown. As the people here for three weeks we, only if very lucky, will get to see the reward.

     Sometimes we sit and we say “What if?” This is stemmed in fear. We are afraid that the Lord will not fulfill our expectations. We are not trusting that the Lord has a perfect plan already in place.

God is eternally, unchangeably good. Our jobs aren’t easy. They take us saying yes to things we do not always view to be of importance. It does not matter what we are doing, showing kids consistency even when we do not get to do all the fun songs is the Lord at work. They see you sitting there every morning for a few weeks and they wonder why. “Why would someone come to the slums for days on end to see me?” these are the seeds we can plant. We can trust the Lord to water and grow them.  Even when ministry is challenging, it is still good. He is still good we are called to say “Even if.” This is stemmed in faith. Even if you come across struggle. He has a flawless plan, intricately placed, and formulated. As long as we are doing what the Lord is telling us to, we should not be worried. Complete the task the Lord has for you, even if it is not what you expected.

      So, instead of telling a child a bible story and waiting for them to ask Jesus into their heart. Instead, we love them. We chase after them as Jesus has for us. Pull the two kids apart and resolve their conflict, as they have never seen, with a hug. Ask their names. Show them the reason why we do this. Hold them close, teach them what love looks like. We water even the tiniest of seeds in hope that we will see the reward one day in heaven.

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