Team Albania, alive and well


Team Albania is alive and well!

We made it to Albania and to our ministry site safely. We were a little jet lagged but almost fully adjusted.

Kids arrive to the camp on the 6th, there will be about 45-55 of them ages 8-10. Our ministry site is filled with farm animals including hundreds of pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and more. The goats have it going on, according to Andy:) it is absolutely beautiful here!

We have very nice living accommodations. There are two rooms (one for girls, one for guys) with bunk beds. We have been fed very well, and large portions! We have squatties (at first the team was nervous but have already come to enjoy them, as for Chelsea and I, we are very excited about squatting again!).

We will most likely be doing manual labor and preparing for camp until the children arrive.

We do not have Internet access on our ministry site but will be in touch as often as we can!

Prayer requests

Passion and excitement for the ministry. We only have a short amount of time (2 weeks of actual ministry) so that we dive in head first and soak up everything the Lord has for us). Energy and rejuvenation.

Danielle and Chelsea