Everything is going great. We have gotten great opportunities hanging out with the women at the womens shelter. We have been playing games with the women and Herbie has shown us he is a pro at dominoes. The group came up with a Bible lesson to teach the women at the shelter. They taught on the fruits of the spirit. We prayed for many and many were moved by the spirit. We prayed for many and many were moved by the spirit. We visited the kids at Camp Joshua and taught them the fruits of the spirit too.  Each person helped the kids glue their fruit to the plate and go over the Bible verses they found for each fruit. They have been really creative. The children had fun but were really excited.  Last night we hung out with a youth group and shared testimonies. Maddie, Courtney H, Amanda and James shared their testimony.  Courtney H Kay Carli and James did the drime they learned at camp for the youth group. For those who don’t know what a drime be sure to ask them to show you when they get home. Be praying for more close bonds with women at the shelter. Alot of these women were addicted to drugs and many chose to go back on the streets.  Two ladies have left since we have been here to go back to the street life. It really is a tragic cycle but Lydia, the director, teared up as she shared what God has done in the past.