Our time in Musho and Tumpa has sadly ended. We´re currently in Huaraz, about to board a bus to Lima for a time of prayer and processing. We would like to thank you all for your prayers and support as God´s hand was indeniably over our ministry.
Selah: Looking back and thinking about what we have done:
We´ve been seperated into two different ministry groups based on discipleship groups. I´ll start with Chelsea´s group: Meghan, Sarah H., Ally, Liana and Kyle. This past week we met twoFrom 08pe0626amb1.myadventures.orgpeople that will forever be on our hearts, Hacoba and Alfredo. Hacoba is a lady that sits out in the plaza almost everyday watching the community. We´re not completely sure what is wrong, but there is a problem in her nervous system that causes different parts of her body to tremble and a lot of pain. Her hands shake along with her feet and lips. We think it might be Parkinsons, but we´re not sure. Everyday we´ve sat with her and in our broken Spanish (we´ve been down to one translator for the past couple days) have been trying to explain that God is the one and only God. We´ve spent hours praying over her for healing and just asking God to place His mighty hand upon her and He did. The last time we prayed with her the Holy Spirit gave each of us a peace that He was with her and we have faith that He has healed her.
   Now for Alfredo. The way we met him was kind of random. We were walking to visit with From 08pe0626amb1.myadventures.organother lady and he started yelling at us. I (Chelsea) thought that he was yelling something about gringos and we probably shouldn´t go over there. Our translator went and it turns out he was asking us to come teach him how to pray! I mean really, that´s amazing. We sat with him and answered questions. We didn´t learn much about his past but he just kept saying that he didn´t believe sinners could go to heaven. We tried to explain to him that no, sinners can´t, but that´s why Jesus died. We went back the next day and continued our conversation and the Holy Spirit touched his life and he accpeted Christ as his Savior and Redeemer! The other amazing divinely appointed moment was when his son, Emmers, who had been standing at the door listening rededicated his life to Christ. Since that day we´ve gone back and visited and Pastor Pedro went with us. Alfredo has severe arthritis and cna barely walk, so Pedro has committed to going to visit him. Please pray for healing over Alfredo. It was such a blessing to see God move in Alfredo and his son. When we went back the next day, there was something different, Alfredo just seemed happier. Praise God for how He is moving!
Teresa and Jason´s group: Sarah P., Chanelle, BreAnne, Molly and Barton.From 08pe0626amb1.myadventures.org
   We visited a lady named Satelina, who has severe stomach cancer. She can´t hold any nutrients and is incredibly weak. Unforunately, we don´t think that she has much time left, but Pastor prayed for her and we know that Jesus is in her heart. Her family really appreciated us coming back day after day. That in itself was a witness and it´s a blessing to be able to share God´s love through just visiting. By just caring for her we were indirectly sharing with the whole family as they would listen in and ask questions. Satelina was always grateful and we are grateful that God provided her a peace in what are probably her final days.
   We also visited a lady that lived far up on the mountain. She doesn´t speak Castellan or Spanish, only Quechewa, the local language. Our hearts broke for her. She lives alone and doesn´t really have visitors outside of her godson. We were able to buy some food for her. We also were able to pray over her health. Her godson was there one day and we were able to have him translate into Quechewa. At first, the site was sad and depressing. She is this lonely woman and it was hard to see the hope in the situation. But God showed us His hand was on her. In her back yard were red roses and it was just a sign that God was caring for her beyond us and that He sent us to be that light. He has given us continued hope that He is her Provider and outside of Him we have nothing to offer her.
Barton and Jason also visited a man at the top of the mountain.From 08pe0626amb1.myadventures.org Like the old woman, there was desperation and a craving for love within his eyes. The first day we were able to visit this man, Nicolas, we provided him with basic food needs. It was obvious from his reaction to our prescence that he had not encountered true Love in many months, if not years. As time drew on the two of us, Jason and I (Barton), learned the story of this old man. He had been married at age fifteen and had a son who only lived to be six. A few years after this Nicolas´wife passed away due to a heart condition. He was left aloine until he remarried, but again hewas left alone on the mountain side with a spare dog when she left him for Lima and never returned. JAson and I were only ablke to visit Nicolas three times, but it was clear and evident to us that he understood that Love was real, the Lord was present. We were able to pray over him and though he couldn´t understand the English, his heart was and soul were lifted.
  We have been living at the base of Huscaran, the second tallest mountain in the Andes and the tallest in Peru. This past Saturday the group was able to take a hike or a nice little stroll up to base camp. It was absolutely beautiful and for many the hardest and best thing we´ve ever done. We were able to look out over all the towns and lift them up in prayer. We were also able to take the group of boys the boys on our team have been discipling and spend more time with them. There was one group that stayed behind for different reasons and prayer walked around Musho. For both groups it was a great day and great closure.
This past week we have been loaded with church services, including a discipleship service and an anniversary at a local church. Although we were tired, the Lord continued to speakFrom 08pe0626amb1.myadventures.org that we were in His house and better is one day in the courts of the King than thousands elsewhere. This past Sunday we had our last service at Tumpa and in Musho. Since we have been at the same church we truly feel like they are family and have been so blessed by their love. Saying goodbye to our Peruvian brothers and sisters both Sunday night and Monday morning was difficult. We know though, that God has His hand on Musho and Tumpa and is moving in mighty ways.
Prayer Requests:
For all the kids and adults wé built relationships with. That God will continue to move in their lives.
For the team as we debrief and process what has happened and prepare to take it back home.
For safety in our travels!
For the church and Pedro, that God will bless them tenfold for how they have blessed us.
Thank you again for all your prayers and support!

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