More Basak

Well, we’ve been in Basak all week – mostly spending time with the kids, singing – dancing – telling stories.  We’ve started to build some really good relationships in the town, and today we are headed there for more house visits and a bible study.  We’re also showing a movie in the middle of the town tonight.  Should be exciting for everyone.  We’ve also been learning how incredibly difficult the local transportation system can be once we venture away from our side of town.

Over the last few days we’ve been able to go into the local elementary school to talk to the students, share the gospel, and scream a few songs.  We visited a whole lot of classrooms, Pastor Ruben thinks we saw close to 1,000 students.  All of our voices are a little sore from it.
This week with teaching, we’ve been trying to get a deeper look into who the Holy Spirit is and what He is up to in the world around us.  Its been good.  Hope you’re all doing well.

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