The Farm

Each person has a different gift God has given them. I always thought mine was helping children and talking to people, which it is, but God opened my mind to something different.

 The Philippine group has not been able to do a lot of ministry outside for the first couple days, because of the Typhoon. It was finally a sunny day so we went to a farm high up in the mountains. We pile in a back of a pick-up truck and drive an hour up the mountain. I love driving through all the villages, because all the locals wave to us and get so excited to see us. One man (he was a barber) stopped cutting a guy’s hair to grab his camera to take a picture with us. After our drive we arrive at the farm and we were surrounded by beautiful mountains. All of us grabbed our bags and walked down a muddy path. This farm has so much fruit, corn, they have cows, goats,  monkeys, chicken, etc. After we settle in our small shack we were staying in for the night, Pastor Roni told us “we are moving rocks today in the river”. I was kind of confused at first, but later I found out that we were building a dam out of rocks so the family on the farm could wash their clothes. All of us were lifting heavy rocks and getting very wet. I did not realize how strong I was till that day. As Riley and I work together carrying the big rocks I could hear Grace in the background saying, “are you sure there are no leeches in the water”. Grace is like the kind mother of the group to us.

I had so much fun serving God in this way. God opened my eyes in a way that he was showing me that I just love doing anything for him. A lot of the girls felt the same way, that if it involves serving the Lord, they will have a joyful heart, but at times I had to remind myself that I am doing this for the Lord to keep going. Just looking back at the big pile of rocks in the end, was so satisfying that as a team we did that. Even if it is not one of my gifts, if it involves serving God, I will do it with a joyful heart.

By: Julia Fletcher

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