Not Medicine, But God

Getting sick was not only a struggle for me to do my ministry, but also a target of attack from Satan is what I was told.
       For two whole days, I sat in Granada, Nicaragua away from my teammates who were back in El Guayabo. Two of the longest days of my life. Without my bible or my devotion book, I sat there until my stomach healed itself or until the medicine kicked in for those hours of pain.Slowly but surely, I felt a little better as time had passed. Getting to see my team on Monday, the 27th was amazing and I had the thought of; ´´It’s going to be all better not.´´ Sad to say..it wasn’t all better after seeing them. The rest of the day I would have to clentch my stomach and bend over with a discusted face of discomfort. I didn’t understand why I had to feel so weak and broken down.
       The next morning, I woke up the same. Every morning we start our day with worshiping and singing to praise God, and I couldn’t even get through worship time without holding my stomach. After worship, as we broke off into our own devotion locations, I sat on the edge of a flower bed right outside the prayer house.Before I did anything, I set my bible, devotion books, and notebooks aside to take a couple minutes to pray. I prayed for healing in my stomach and strengeth to worship. I thought that that is what God would have wanted me to do, but I guess not. I still felt as terrible as I did wakeing up. I continued on with my studies thinking there was nothing else I could do.
       The last couple minutes of my devotion time I sat there and sighed. Then, I closed my eyes and bowed my head one more time. I told God; ´´ I give up. Take me as I’m sick. If you want me to be sick, then I will be sick. If you want me to healthy, I will be healthy. I’m leaving this in your hands and I give my body up to you to do with what you want . I love you so much and I trust in you with all my heart. Amen. ´´
       Two seconds had gone by after my prayer and one of my teammates called me to come to breakfast. I got up slowly and ran to put my stuff away. I ran? I actually got up and ran to go to breakfast. I just ran when I was feeling so weak less than a minute ago and not being able to do anything at all for the past three days. Then, it got even better. I ate a whole breakfast without feeling sickness. I went about my whole day without being sick. That sickness then was gone for the week. And today on July 6th I am stll that healthy child that God wants me to be. I layed down my everything and put my full trust in him to show me who he wants me to be. 

       All glory and honor to God!


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