Here is a taste of some of the ministry that we have been doing in Uganda:

School Ministry:  We travel to different schools where we spend the morning just loving on kids!  It is amazing how holding the hand of a small child can bring such smiles to their faces.  We often start the time splitting into age groups to play games.  Everything from relay races to silly songs!  The kids love it!  Then after some chill time, just getting to know the kids, we come together for a bible story.  What a great way to show the love of God to so many children each day.

Evangelism:  In the afternoon, we often come back to the school that we began the morning in and spend our time meeting the community.  We talk about Jesus, but we also talk about each other.  We are attempting to build relationships with the people and not just preach Jesus from door to door.  Authentic connections with people result in authentic results.  The girls found this ministry difficult at first,  but as we model for them and give question suggestions, they are growing more comfortable.  Many are really stepping up in this ministry.

Hospital Ministry: Hospital ministry has been a difficult but rewarding experience for the students so far.  This has become one of their favorite ministries.  It is amazing to watch these girls go into a hospital with the sick and step out in prayer for them.  We have seen much hurt in this place, but the people have a lot of hope for their futures. Pray that the Lord would pour out healing over the hospital as our girls minister to the sick and hurting.

Church:  This isn’t really a ministry but it is worth talking about.  Sunday mornings are spent worshipping for a few hours at church.  The girls really enjoy the lively atmosphere of African churches.  We dance, we yell, we sing praises to God, and we get to see others loving Jesus in a exciting way.  We hope to see some of the girls give some testimonies or bring a sermon at our last church service next week.

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