A Long Awaited Welcome Home

Hey everyone!

God is good! We had an amazing trip. We went through a lot and worked hard. We had some hard conversations, but good. God did a lot of amazing things during our trip.

To the Parents: Thank you! I, and the other leaders, could not have asked for 13 better students to be on this trip. I was so blessed through the interactions that we had and I will never be able to explain the lasting impact that each of these students has had on my life. They truly are an amazing group of kids, and I miss each one of them dearly.

To our supporters: thank you for your paryers! Many of times we needed prayers on this trip, and time and time again we felt them coming through you. You will never know how much we coveted those prayers. You have helped us furthur God’s kingdom in Jamaica.

To numbers 1-13: count off :). I love each and everyone of you. Each of you has left an impression on my life. You each brought something special to this group, and it helped us to do God’s work. Know that you are missed. I miss you, Keri and Richard miss you, and the lives that you impacted in Jamaica  miss you. God is going to continue to do great things through each of you! Listen for God’s calling everyday and do His will.

Now, can each of you either write a post, or a reply to this one about your perspective of the trip. Try to leave a God story, or just a story…something that will help everyone who has been reading this blog to understand more about our trip. Share with them the good things that happened!

Praying for you daily.

Leah 🙂

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