Here it comes

A whirlwind of love

It crashes over me

Sent from the father above

It moves me and directs me

It touches me and wrecks me

It uses me

It heals me

It chooses me

It fills me

This whirlwind of relentless love.

This whirlwind of love

It turns me inside out

It mends my broken heart

It takes away my drought

And it gives me a fresh start.

It hears my hollow cries

It is with me night and day

It knows my wrongs and rights

But it loves me anyway.

This whirlwind of love

So delightful and divine

Though we may try to push it away

It comes back every time.

This whirlwind walks with you in the day

And also in the night

It helps you find your way

It makes your days more bright.


Sometimes God’s love may look like it’s so overwhelming and it may look like a whirlwind now and then, but I’ve been finding so much beauty in it. Allow the whirlwind to cover you with its grace and mercy. Let it wreck you. Let it use you. Let God’s love fill you. There are so many beautiful things that could happen.

This is something that I’ve been learning while I’m staying here in El Salvador. I’ve learned so much on this trip and I am so very thankful for the wonderful people who have been here to support me and for God’s endless, relentless love!


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